Tuesday, November 7, 2017

Halloween Trick or Treating

Happy Halloween!  We were soccer game day ready this year...2 soccer players, a referee, and a yellow card, because there always seems to be a yellow card with our biggest #9! 

Halloween at Burn

On Halloween at Burn, a few of us decided to dress up as our trainer, Jeremiah.  Little did we know, he had plans of dressing up like one of us...a Burn girl!  It was an extremely funny morning at camp!  

I am so thankful for these friends and for this place!  I can't imagine starting my day any other way.  To be surrounded by encouraging, loving, funny, and amazing girls every day is truly a blessing!

Soccer Tournament in Bowling Green

The boys played in a soccer tournament in Bowling Green on October 28 - 29, and it was FREEZING!  Brody's team played up a division in the U13 as an 11v11 team and did really well.  They only lost one game out of 4.  Unfortunately, it wasn't enough for a medal this time, but they no doubt learned a lot and will come back for the next tournament stronger than ever!  

Colby's team didn't have a great weekend, but we are so proud of how well Colby played.  He's improving with every game.  His knowledge of the game and the way he can read the field is impressive...now we just have to get him to be a little more aggressive!  

Calonge Halloween Party

The annual Halloween party at the Calonge's house was awesome as usual!  Brody was a scary clown, and Colby was a bloody heart surgeon...heart and all!

Fall Break

We had so much fun with the Cox Family this Fall Break!  We arrived just in time to watch the tropical storm come through, but then, the rest of the week was absolutely gorgeous!  We are always thankful for times to get away as a family and make some awesome memories!

Cast off...finally!

After a little over 3 weeks in a long cast and 3 weeks in a short cast, Brody's arm is healed!!  He got the short cast off and will only have to wear a brace now until November.  I'm pretty sure this was the happiest he's been in a while!  No more bubble wrap at soccer!