Friday, March 27, 2009

More Good News

Colby had to go to the pediatrician's office this morning for his last Synagis shot of this season. I am so glad that we are done with these monthly shots for a while! He will unfortunately have to get them again next year, but at least they won't start until October. Poor Colby needs a break from all this poking!

The good news from the appointment, besides this being his last shot, is his weight. Our little
monkey now weighs 14 lb 14 oz!!! I was worried I would never see the day that he weighed this close to 15 lbs. I am so proud of him and so thankful to God! I have been on cloud nine since he got off of the scale! This is an oz a day weight gain since our last visit to the pediatrician. I know I say this all of the time, but it is so true...he continues to amaze me daily. He has such an amazing spirit and strength for such a little guy. He is truly an inspiration to our family! We are so blessed!

I have to share how blessed we are to have Brody as well. I can't believe how good God has been to Jason and me. We have two awesome boys! Brody is just such a great big brother. He always takes great care of his little buddy. Luckily, I had my camera in my purse this morning, and I was able to capture some of the cutest pics of Brody taking care of Colby. I just have to share with all of you!! I wish I had video of him talking to Colby. Too too cute!!!

This first picture is of Brody entertaining Colby as we waited to be called back. He loves to talk and sing to Colby, and believe me, Colby loves to watch him! There was another mom in the waiting room, and she commented on how sweet Brody was to his little brother. She said I was very lucky, and I have to agree 100%!

After Colby got his "boo boo," Brody was right there to comfort him. Brody always says, "It's okay Colby...don't cry!" Once Colby got calmed down, I sat them on the table together, and Brody leaned over and gave him a big kiss. I just love it! They are so sweet!

Of course by this point, Brody wanted a snack. So, Colby and Brody enjoyed a Gerber Wagon Wheel to celebrate Colby's big weight gain. Colby has really been enjoying these little Wagon Wheels. I'm guessing it feels good on his little gums.

Monday, March 23, 2009

God is good!

Colby had a follow up appointment with the cardiologist this morning, and we were told he is looking good! Jason and I are still in amazement tonight at the good news we received. His echo went great! His VSD has completely closed now, and his shunt is doing exactly what it needs to do! The echo also showed that the blood flow to his lungs is good. They tried to do an EKG, but unfortunately, Colby got a little irritated and made that impossible! Let's just say that Colby showed us all who is in if there were any question! The good news is that even after his crying episode, his sats were 88%. We couldn't believe it!

Once Colby finally calmed down, thanks to his daddy's magic touch, Dr. Liske examined him and seemed very pleased. He said Colby looks really good. I have been a little concerned about Colby's color recently, but apparently it is completely normal for him to be a little blue. We should see some improvement in his color after the Glenn Operation. The Glenn Operation is what we thought Colby would be needing in the next few weeks, but to our surprise, Dr. Liske thinks that we might be able to wait 3-4 more months! He is going to present Colby's case to all of the other cardiologists and surgeons at their conference next week to discuss it further, but he is optimistic that they will be in agreement with him about waiting as long as possible. This is such a blessing! This will give Colby a few more months to gain weight and get stronger for this complex surgery. All we can say is God is good!!!!!

Another piece of exciting news is that Dr. Liske said we can get Colby out and about a little bit more once RSV season is over. Colby has one final synagis shot, which he will get on Friday. Then, we should be in the clear in a couple of weeks! Thank goodness for Spring and the end of RSV season! We are so eager to get back to a more "normal" lifestyle.

Colby will go back to Dr. Liske for a one month follow up. Hopefully, we will have another appointment filled with good news. Until then, we will continue checking his weight and sats with our pediatrician. I am eager to see what Colby weighs on the pediatrician's scale on Friday. Even Dr. Liske said today that Colby is looking a little chubby!!! Yeah!!!!

Thank you to everyone for your continued prayers and support! We truly appreciate all of you, and we feel so blessed to have you in our lives. Once again, God is good!!!!

Sunday, March 8, 2009

Loving the Warm Weather

Finally some warm weather!!! We are so happy that Saturday was such a pretty day, and we were able to get outside and play! Brody has a serious case of cabin fever (so does mommy!). I cannot tell you how eager I am for Spring to officially arrive. Brody loves to play outside, and from what I can tell from yesterday, Colby is going to love being outside as well! I guess I can't blame him after our 7 months on "House Arrest."
We started our day by going over to Uncle Jeremy and Aunt Tammy's house. Poppy was there working outside with Jeremy, and he had lots of tractors...Brody's favorites!! All we heard on our drive over to their house was, "I ride Pocky's tractors, I ride Pocky's tractors." Of course, when we first got there, Brody wouldn't even go near them. He quickly changed his mind, though, and rode on a couple of tractors with Daddy. His favorite was the blue tractor! Thank you Jeremy, Tammy, Kylee, and Emilee for letting us come over to your house, and thank you Poppy for letting Brody ride the tractors. We all had lots of fun!

After the boys had their naps, we went over to our friends Chris and Cecili's house for a bonfire! We had so much fun! Brody loved playing with all of his friends, and Colby just enjoyed being outside. Colby especially enjoyed it once I got him a blanket (thanks Cecili!). We all roasted hot dogs for dinner and S'mores for dessert. Brody loved standing around the fire to roast his food, and he really loved eating the food! Of course, that doesn't surprise any of us! I hope that we can do this again soon! Thank you Chris and Cecili for hosting.

Colby sitting around the fire when we first happy!

Watch out for these three!