Thursday, May 23, 2019

Last Day of School

I cannot believe this school year is already over!!  This was by far the fastest one yet.  4th grade and 6th grade complete!  Now we are ready to soak up all the summer fun we can have!!  

Colby gets Braces

Getting braces put on his top teeth was not really the start to summer that Colby wanted, but it sure beats a pacemaker surgery like last summer!!  

Middle School Awards Day

Our first Middle School Awards Day, and this almost 7th grader received the Drama Award for the 6th grade class.  Theater was the one class this year he was not super excited about, because he said he couldn't act.  I love that he stepped out of his comfort zone to try something new, and he proved himself wrong!  He was an awesome Johnny Appleseed!

Clarksville Spring Soccer Tournament

It was a long weekend of soccer in Clarksville for the final tournament of the Spring Season.  We are so proud of both our boys and their teams!  It's always fun to watch them learn and improve.  We have been blessed with great coaches and great teams this year!  The highlight of the weekend was seeing Colby's team finish with finalist medals!!

Tuesday, May 14, 2019

Mother's Day

Thank you God for these blessings!! Being their mom is an honor and a privilege that I never want to take for granted.  There are good days, where I feel like I'm killing this mom game, and there are a whole lot of bad days, where I wonder how in the world we will all survive.  I am so humbled that God trusts me with these incredible little humans, and I'm so thankful that He provides me guidance and wisdom on raising these boys into men.  

I'm also thankful for Jason, who is the BEST dad and role model God could have given our boys.  

Happy Mother's Day to all, especially to my mom (aka Poogie), who continues to show me what it means to be a great mom and friend!

Burn's Mommy and Me Camp

On the Friday night before Mother's Day, Burn had a Mommy and Me camp for our members, and I was fortunate enough to be able to lead it!  I had so much fun with all these strong moms and their adorable kids.  Seeing all the big smiles and hearing all the giggles was just awesome!  Plus, getting to have my two boys there with me just made it even more perfect.  I hope all the moms and kids had a great time, and I hope that it kicked off their Mother's Day Weekends with a bang!

Elementary Field Day

As always, Elementary School Field Day was a ton of fun!!  The weather wasn't great, but I think the kids actually enjoyed the added fun of rain showers.  They were all soaked and loving it!!  

TUSC Spring Tournament

What a beautiful and full weekend of soccer for both our boys during the TUSC Spring Tournament.  Brody and Colby both played well, and their teams looked great!  Brody's team even finished their division as Champions!!!  Colby's team lost a tough one in the Semi-Finals, but as a team, they played the best I've ever seen them play.  We are so proud of both our boys, and we absolutely loved watching them play hard and have fun all weekend!  

Colby's Hermitage Field Trip

I was unable to attend the Hermitage Field Trip with Colby, but I am so thankful for all the wonderful friends who sent me pictures and videos throughout the day!!  I absolutely love our little village!

Easter 2019

This year, we enjoyed Easter lunch at Jeremy and Tammy's house.  We are always thankful for time spent with family!  Happy Easter!

Friday, May 10, 2019

Spring Break

Our Spring Break trip to Charleston and Asheville was so much fun with lots of great memories, despite Colby getting sick our first day there.  Poor guy ended up with a really bad cold, but in true Colby fashion, he was a champ about it!  He complained very little, and he just kept moving.

We started in Charleston for a few days, where we did some fishing, explored the beach, toured the USS Yorktown, and ate a lot of delicious food!!

We finished our trip in Asheville, where we explored the city, toured a couple breweries, found a beautiful place to hike, and again, ate a lot of delicious food!!

I am so thankful for these little get aways with my favorite people!!