Saturday, August 26, 2017

Brody's 11th Birthday

And just like that...our loving, sweet, competitive, smart, funny, hard working, germaphobe, little perfectionist is 11 years old.  This boy is one of a kind, and we couldn't be any prouder of him!!  We are so thankful that God trusted us to be his parents.  

Happy Birthday Brody Briant!  We love you BIG!!

Total Eclipse

On Monday, August 21, we experienced a total eclipse.  We had 2 minutes and 33 seconds of complete darkness...street lights came on and crickets came out.  I can't even begin to describe how incredible this was to see!  I am so thankful that the boys were out of school, and we were able to experience this together as a family.  God is truly amazing!

Boys Family Birthday Dinner

We celebrated the boys birthdays with our family on Saturday, August 19.  Not even Brody's two broken bones that morning could keep us from celebrating these two boys!  We are so thankful for an awesome, loving, and supportive family.  We missed Jeanine, Harper, and Darbye very much, but we know we will get to celebrate with them soon.

Brody's First Broken Bones

Three days short of his 11th birthday, Brody broke his first bone.  He actually broke 2...his ulna and radius in his left arm.  While taking on two defenders in his soccer game, he somehow fell right before taking his shot on goal. It happened so fast, we really aren't even sure what happened exactly.  All we know is that when he went down, he was down!  His coach went out to get him and immediately looked to the sidelines for me and Jason.  There was no question that he had broken bones.  

Some amazing and fast acting friends got him splinted up with a shin guard and an ice pack, and we took him to the ER.  This is actually his first trip to the ER ever.  He experienced several other firsts as well...first IV, first time in an OR, first time being put to sleep, and first cast.  

I know this is not how he envisioned starting his birthday weekend, but he was an absolute trooper through the whole ordeal!  He was obviously a little scared of the IV and being put to sleep, but he did great.  The doctor was able to realign his broken bones by a closed reduction procedure and put on the full arm cast.  

As soon as they released us, Brody asked to go back to the fields, so he could watch the end of Colby's soccer game.  I'm so thankful for this amazing kid!!  

As of right now, the doctor predicts Brody will be in a cast for 6 weeks.  We are praying for speedy healing.  He is so upset that he will not be able to play soccer or guitar for a little while.  It will be hard to keep this go-getter down for long!

Wednesday, August 23, 2017

Meet the United

On August 12, Tennessee United had a fun event to kick off the soccer season called Meet the United. There were food trucks, inflatable games, a dunk tank, and a soccer game between Cumberland University and the 2000 boys TUSC team.  Colby's team got the honor of escorting the TUSC team out onto the field for their introductions.  Then, at halftime, all of the TUSC teams were brought out onto the field and introduced.  It was a great night with our great club!

First Day of School

The boys went back to school on August 7.  I am very sad to see our summer end, but I'm thankful that the boys were excited to get their school year started!  3rd grade and 5th they come!!

Brody's First Fall Soccer Game

Brody kicked off his Fall soccer season with a game in Murfreesboro on August 6.  The team has a new coach this year, and we absolutely love him!  I think he is going to do great things with this group of boys.

My Birthday

We spent my birthday night at the Harpole's house for our Idaho Reunion Party.  This was a great group to celebrate my birthday with!  Jason even surprised me with my favorite Fresh Market Fruit Tart, and Jen had fun birthday candles for me and Colby.  

The progression of the pictures below is a perfect example of my life with these crazy boys.  They keep life interesting and fun, and I'm so thankful that they are mine!  I think 37 is going to be an awesome year!