Wednesday, October 23, 2019

Colby's Liver Ultrasound and Check up

Colby had a follow up ultrasound and Doctor visit for his liver recently.  He was unable to eat for six hours prior to the ultrasound, so he was pretty much starving by the time it was over.  Luckily, he loves the Subway in the hospital and was able to get a sandwich and an icee on the way upstairs for the doctor's appointment.  We haven't gotten results back for the ultrasound yet, but I am guessing all is ok and we will just follow up again in a year.  If there is one thing we've gotten good at over the last 11 years, it's follow up visits at Vanderbilt.  : ) This is why we are so thankful that we have this amazing hospital that Colby LOVES going to!!!

Sweat Reset Photos

At our Sweat Reset retreat in Asheville, there was a professional photographer taking pictures throughout the entire weekend.  We just got to see all of these pics, and I could not love them anymore!!  So many fun moments and memories captured in these photos.  I feel like I was laughing hysterically in most of them, and for that, I am grateful!!  Who doesn't need a fun weekend with lots of laughing and fun?!?!  Very thankful for Elizabeth Price...she got some awesome pictures!  

Nashville Soccer Club Game

We were fortunate enough, thanks to Vanderbilt Children's Hospital, to end our Fall Break together as a family cheering on Nashville SC to another win!!  

Brody's 13th Birthday Trip to NYC

For the boys' 13th birthdays, Jason wanted to do something extra special for them.  He decided on a trip to anywhere in the US they wanted to go...just him and the birthday boy.  

Brody chose New York for his big trip, and Jason made it happen during Fall Break.  I LOVE that they had this time together.  It was a great father son trip, and one that I don't think either of them will forget.  These boys are truly blessed with one amazing dad!

While Jason and Brody were away, Colby and I had a little fun of our own.  One on one time is always a treat!