Friday, March 7, 2014

Dr. Seuss Celebration

On Friday, March 7, Brody's school celebrated Dr. Seuss's birthday.  As a special treat, the kids were allowed to dress up as their favorite book character.  Brody had a tough time choosing a favorite.  He finally decided on the boy in Soccer Star.  Soccer Star is not a well known book, but it is one that we have always enjoyed reading.  We got it for Brody when he was little, during one of his first seasons playing soccer.  I think he makes a great "Soccer Star!"

Thursday, March 6, 2014

Brody is the "Big Dog"

Brody was the Big Dog of his class last week.  He had to take in 10 pictures from birth through present, and I love the ones that he chose. He has gotten so fast!

Colby's 6 month Follow Up with Cardiology

Colby had his 6 month follow up appointment with cardiology on Tuesday, February 18th.  Other than his sats being lower than they should be (85 instead of 95 or higher), he looks great!  There is no real explanation as to why his sats are low, so he will be having a cath procedure done on March 28th for Dr. Doyle to get a closer look.  Dr. Doyle didn't seem overly concerned and is hopeful to find and fix the problem that day.  We are praying that this is an "easy" fix and won't slow Colby down for too long.  

6th Annual Blood Drive and Bake Sale

Thanks to so many friends and family members, Colby's 6th Annual Blood Drive and Bake Sale was another success!

We had a steady flow of people in and out of the gym all day.  Almost 80 people signed in to donate blood! The Red Cross was able to successfully collect 66 units of blood.  This will potentially help save 198 lives!  Thank you to everyone who came out to give blood.  We really appreciate your sacrifice, and I know that the people receiving this life-saving blood will also appreciate it.

The Bake Sale also did well again this year.  We are very thankful to have so many people donate all of these delicious baked goods, thankful for everyone that made a purchase, and thankful for the people that kept it running smoothly throughout the day...Catherine and Emma Wiggleton, Jennifer and Katie Brown, Rachel Koch, Lisa and Sara Stubbs, Ryan, Keri, Devin, and Ansley Thompson, Kendall Moore, and Brody Hitchcock.  As of right now, we have $2,218.  We've had several people mention that they would still like to donate, so we will wait another week or two before sending the money in to the hospital.  If you would like to make a donation, please make checks payable to "Monroe Carrel Jr Children's Hospital at Vanderbilt," and write "CHD Research" on the memo line.  Contact me if you need our address.

We always love seeing everyone having a good time at this event, especially the kids!!  Thanks to Rob and Kelly Thompson for helping us out with an awesome bounce house for the kids to enjoy all day.  If you ever have any party needs, you should definitely give Rob a call...Leap Into Fun!  615-975-3375.