Wednesday, December 29, 2010

Christmas Night

After a much needed nap, Poppy, Jeremy, Tammy, and the girls came over for dinner and to open presents with Poppy. Jason used his new smoker that we bought him for Christmas to prepare some delicious Beef Tenderloin. The kids rushed us to finish eating so they could open more presents. They know by now that Poppy always brings great presents!! Once again, these 4 kiddos created a fun chaos!

The boys had to go outside to see their present from Poppy. It was very cold and snowing but the looks on their faces were worth getting cold!

This has by far been the best Christmas ever!! I cannot imagine them getting any better! I love all of the time we get to spend with our families at Christmas, and I love celebrating the true meaning of Christmas with the boys.

Monday, December 27, 2010

Christmas Afternoon

After breakfast and playing with our new toys for a little while, we headed over to my mom and dad's house to open presents with them, Jeanine, and the girls. Brody was so eager to get there that he didn't even want to take time to change clothes, so, both boys wore their pajamas. They opened lots of great presents and had a lot of fun playing with Harper and Darbye and checking out all the stuff Santa brought them.

Brody, Harper, Colby, and Darbye

Poor Gacky always ends up opening the toys for the kids...he just can't tell them no!

Christmas Morning

Santa came!!! Brody was up by 7 ready to come downstairs to see what Santa had brought him, but Colby wasn't awake just yet. I held Brody off for as long as I could, but by 7:45, he had waited long enough. We decided to wake Colby up and get the fun started.

Brody was so eager to run down the stairs, but he was nice enough to go a little slower to help Colby.

Colby wasn't really sure what the rush to get downstairs was, so here, Brody is trying to explain that Santa came and they had new toys.

Brody got his first good look at all of his presents from Santa.

Colby, seeing Brody's face, looked through the spindles to see what all the excitement was about. He then spotted his presents from Santa. I never want to forget the looks on their faces...priceless!

Once the boys finished, Jason and I opened our presents from them (well, really from each other I guess). Brody was so excited to give us gifts, and I was so excited to get a big hug from him after I opened my Nook, which I LOVE!! Jason was excited about the Nerf Guns that Brody picked out for him, which I wrapped with a Gift Certificate to a local gun store/ shooting range.