Saturday, December 31, 2016

Christmas with Poppy

Christmas night, we went over to Jeremy and Tammy's house for dinner and presents with Poppy.  Poppy got creative with his wrapping this year, and the kids had a great time unwrapping four boxes filled with different amounts of cash...their all time favorite gift to receive.  I see a lot of shopping in our near future!

Christmas with Gacky and Poogie

After church, we headed to Murfreesboro for Christmas with Gacky and Poogie, Jeanine, and Harper and Darbye.  The boys racked up on some great new clothes, along with other fun stuff! 

Christmas Morning

Santa came, and these boys were so happy!  I absolutely love Christmas morning.  Seeing the surprise and excitement on our boys' faces is just priceless.  I wish I could keep them little for a little longer!

Christmas Eve

We celebrated Christmas Eve at our house with Nenny and Pa, Joan and Jeff, Jeremy and Tammy, and Emilee and Kylee.  Jason and I always look forward to making Christmas Eve dinner for everyone.  It is so much fun working together and getting it all done, and this year's dinner was especially delicious!  Of course, the kids favorite part is the presents!

When everyone left, the boys got in their pajamas, we put out milk and cookies for Santa, and then Colby read "The Night Before Christmas."  

Christmas at Aunt Pat and Uncle Lee's House

We started our Christmas celebrations with our annual December 23rd get together at Aunt Pat and Uncle Lee's house.  We love spending time with this big group of extended family.  It is always a good time for sure!  

School Christmas Party

The boys had their school Christmas parties on Wednesday, December 21.  I went back and forth between their parties to not miss anything, but I somehow didn't get any pictures from Brody's party.  I hate that I missed out on getting pictures with him and his friends.  I will have to do better at the next parties.  Both boys had fun though and were very eager to start Christmas break!!