Tuesday, December 10, 2013

Brunch with Santa

Our annual Brunch with Santa at Bluegrass was Sunday, December 8.  This is a favorite family tradition of ours, and it seems to get better and better every year.  This year, the boys were able to make bells to wear, cookies to eat, and paint coffee mugs.  Their coffee mugs turned out great, and I am happy to have a keepsake to remember from this Christmas.  

Talking to Santa is always the highlight of the Brunch for them.  This year, Colby asked Santa for the Planes Movie and planes characters, and Brody asked for a 3D TV.  Brody went big!!

Our annual Family Christmas pictures before heading to Brunch.

Thanksgiving Holidays

Our first Thanksgiving celebration was at Nenny and Pa's house the Saturday before Thanksgiving.  We got to see all of the extended family that we unfortunately only see once a year, and we shared a delicious lunch together.  It was cold outside, but that didn't stop the kids from having a great time playing outside all afternoon.  

The kids were out of school for three days the week of Thanksgiving.  So, the day before Thanksgiving, we met Jeanine, Harper, Darbye, and my mom at Opry Mills for a little lunch, shopping, and some pictures with Santa.  

On Thanksgiving day, it was our year to go to Jeremy and Tammy's house for lunch.  We ate another delicious meal and talked for hours while the kids played and watched movies.  We missed seeing my family, but we are excited to see them all in a few short weeks at Christmas!

Over the weekend we were able to get our trees and all of our Christmas decorations up.  My favorite is the boys' play room, where their tree is decorated with their handmade ornaments and their school art work from last year decorates the walls. I am so glad I kept all of those sweet pictures!    

Hendersonville Christmas Parade

The Hendersonville Christmas Parade was on Sunday, December 1st, and we met our good friends, the Moores, there to watch the parade together.  We were out of town last year and missed the parade, so I'm happy we got to be there this year.  The parade was a great way to end our long Thanksgiving holiday weekend and start our Christmas season!   

Colby's Kindergarten Thanksgiving Feast

Colby's Kindergarten class and the Pre-Kindergarten classes had a Thanksgiving Feast the Monday before Thanksgiving.  The Kindergartners dressed in their Pilgrim hats and collars, and the Pre-K classes dressed in Indian headdresses. They met in the gym to have a big feast together...just like the first Thanksgiving feast.  

Brody's Thanksgiving Performance

The first grade put on a Thanksgiving performance for all of the parents the Monday before Thanksgiving.  They sang several great songs, each child shared one fact that they had learned about the Pilgrims, and they ended with a dance.  We could tell the kids worked really hard on this performance in the days leading up to this big day.  The first grade teachers, Mrs. Pinson and Mrs. Morgan, are amazing!!  After the performance, all of the kids feasted on snacks and got to visit with their parents.  Jason and I had so much fun being there with Brody and all of his new friends!  

Wednesday, November 13, 2013

Colby's Tom Turkey

Brody has been assigned the Tom Turkey project for the past two years.  This year, it was Colby's turn, and he was determined to disguise his turkey as Spiderman.  Lucky for him, Jason is a great artist and could help him do just that.  I think Tom Turkey turned out great!  

Another Great Soccer Season

Brody's Fall soccer season ended with his best game of the season on Saturday, November 2.  He played really well and made a lot of the corrections that Coach Donnie has been working with him on this season.  He ended the game scoring 5 goals!  

The team got together at Maggie Moos to celebrate a fun season and receive their trophies.  Brody is always happy to get another trophy!  We are proud of Brody for his hard work this season and are really looking forward to Spring Soccer.  

Halloween Fun

We had so much fun this year for Halloween, starting on Saturday, the 26th at the Calonge's Annual Halloween Party.  This is always a fun event, and we look forward to it every year!  We didn't dress up last year, and the boys were not happy about it. So, this year we let them pick our costumes.  We ended up with a Super Hero theme.  I think my little Hulk and Spiderman are the cutest ever!

The Halloween fun continued the next night at our church's Trunk or Treat and the Bluegrass Family Halloween Party.  We even won a prize for best family costume at Bluegrass.  The boys were super excited about that!

Halloween night got a little messed up this year due to crazy wind and storms.  So, instead of trick or treating on Halloween night, we finished carving our pumpkin and then went to dinner.  We ended up trick or treating on the night after Halloween, along with most of our neighborhood.  Poppy, Nana, Poogie, Jeremy, Tammy, and Kylee joined us.  The boys had a great time and got a lot of candy trick or treating with Kylee.