Tuesday, July 26, 2011

Family Vacation Day 2

On our second full day, we went over to the beach. It is across the street from our condo, so we all rode our bikes. Colby rode along in the trailer behind Jason's bike along with all of our beach stuff. Poor little guy was so crammed in you could barely see his little head!

The boys had so much fun at the beach. They loved playing in the sand, finding seashells, and walking in the ocean. Unfortunately, there was a lot of seaweed in the water!! We had to take baths as soon as we left, because the boys had seaweed everywhere!!!

After nap, we went out for a long bike ride. I think this is Brody's favorite part of Rosemary Beach. He loves riding his bike, and he thinks it is so cool that he is able to ride everywhere while we are there. We rode around for a while and then went to dinner.

Colby didn't go anywhere on this trip without his lunchbox full of Cars.

Brody is a great little photographer. He always takes a picture of me and Jason, which I am very thankful for.

The restaurant was right next door to a cute little toy store named GiGi's. We of course had to go in and look around. Colby picked out a frisbee to buy, and Brody picked out a rocket launcher. Both of these toys came in very handy during this vacation! We played with them a lot!

When we got back to the area in front of our condo, Jason decided to show Brody how the rocket works. Unfortunately, on his first shot, he got it stuck in a tree!

We tried everything we could think of to get it down, including me getting up on his shoulders. We just could not get it, though! Poor Brody!! In a last attempt, Jason threw the launcher part up into the tree. When it came back down, it broke, and we still didn't have the rocket! About 30 seconds after this happened, a nice man came over with a ladder. A little late, but at least he was able to reach the rocket. We now had a broken launcher and a rocket. Jason somehow managed to get it to work for the night, though. We went back to the store the next day for a new one. Brody was a very good sport about all of this!

Family Vacation Day 1

We left for our vacation to Rosemary Beach as soon as Brody's swim meet ended on Saturday. It was a long drive!! I think we heard "when will we be there," "how many more hours," and "I want to be there right now" about 200 times! After the fourth hour, it just became comical. If Jason and I didn't laugh about it, we might have exploded!

We finally got to the beach around 8. We checked out the amazing condo and then went out for a quick dinner. The condo had a cool bunk room for kids, so the boys wanted to sleep together. After two nights of partying late instead of going to sleep, though, Jason and I separated them!! We will have to try that again next year.

On our first full day at the beach, the boys wanted to go swimming at the pool. It was a great pool!! It had really long steps, which Colby loved playing on and practicing his swimming (big arms, kicking, and blowing bubbles). Brody had fun playing with him, diving for dive sticks, and swimming laps.

After a morning of swimming and a quick nap, we drove into Panama City for dinner. We of course also had to go to the Super Target to get the boys a "prize" that we had promised them. They could have picked anywhere, and they chose Target!! I have trained them well!!

Since the restaurant was right across from the pier, we went for a walk after dinner. It was a gorgeous night and the temperature was perfect! I loved every second of walking down that long pier with my 3 favorite boys!

Swim Team Fun Fridays

On Fridays this summer, the swim team had what they call "Fun Friday." The coaches announce a theme and the kids come to practice Friday morning dressed up in that theme.
This has been a lot of fun! Brody has really enjoyed getting to dress up each Friday. Below are the pictures from each of the Fun Fridays.

Rain Boots...Brody doesn't have any rain boots, so he wore his snow boots.

Adventure Day...Brody and Remi both dressed for a Hawaiian Adventure.

Greek God or Olympic Athlete...

Decades Day...Brody went with the 50's and looked like he stepped straight out of the movie Grease.

Harry Potter...this was Brody's favorite.

After a short practice on Fun Friday, they always get to play games and have fun!!

Silly Awards Day...On the last Fun Friday of the season, the coaches gave out silly awards. Brody won the Hollywood Shades Award. They described this as a Bluegrass Star, someone who fights off his fans and stands out!