Tuesday, June 29, 2010

Brody's BIG Haircut Step 2

So, I guess Jason decided that one week was long enough for me to get used to the short hair on Brody. On Saturday, he took his clippers back out into the garage and completed Brody's Big Haircut. Brody finally has the mohawk he has been asking for! I have to admit that I actually really like it. I think Brody looks so cute with his mohawk, and he absolutely loves it!

Colby also got a haircut on Friday, but he got his cut at Sport Clips. Jason didn't feel quite ready to cut the wild man's hair! Plus, I don't want him looking all grown up with a mohawk just yet.

Friday, June 25, 2010

Brody's BIG Haircut

BEFORE...our sweet baby Brody

For the last few weeks, Brody has been asking if he can get a Mohawk. I can't imagine where he would have gotten this idea...just kidding, Jason! Anyways, I finally gave in and told Jason to do it. So, last Saturday in our garage, Jason took his clippers to my baby boy's head. Brody was all smiles the whole time Jason was cutting. He was so excited to be getting his hair cut with clippers just like daddy does. I was excited that Jason didn't actually do a mohawk. He decided to start with just a short cut. Jason knew I needed baby steps! As I watched his beautiful long hair fall around him, I couldn't help but cry. The more hair that Jason cut off, the older Brody looked. He is like a totally different kid now. He's a BIG Kid!!!

The First Cut


Sunday, June 6, 2010

Soccer Party

Brody's first soccer season ended a little suddenly. The flood did a lot of damage to the soccer fields, so unfortunately his last 2 games had to be cancelled. His team did however get together for a little end of the season party at Chik-fil-a. Brody had a lot of fun playing with his soccer friends and seeing his coach again. Coach Rose was so great with Brody, and I am hoping that maybe he can be on is team again in the Fall.
Brody's first trophy!

Last Day of School

Brody and his class celebrated their last day of school a couple of weeks ago with a pizza party. As I walked him into school that morning, I could not help get a little emotional. This was Brody's first school experience, and I am so happy that it was such a great one! Ms. Lori and Ms. Angie have been amazing! Brody learned a lot, met new friends, and most importantly had fun. This is what I wanted most for him from this first year of preschool. I wanted him to develop a love for learning and for school. Thank you Ms. Lori and Ms. Angie!!

Brody and Ava...Brody is going to be so sad when he realizes Ava will not be in his class next year!