Thursday, July 17, 2014

Marlins Swim Team Banquet

The Bluegrass Marlins Swim Banquet was held on Monday, July 14.  It is so hard to believe that another summer swim season has come to an end.  The boys absolutely love being a part of this team, and Jason and I love seeing them have so much fun.  

Both boys received Marlins trophies for being at every swim meet, and Brody received a special "Pigeon" award for being the best listener.  We are very proud of Brody and Colby for the hard work and dedication that they put into summer swim.  

Monday, July 14, 2014

City Meet 2014

Friday, July 11: 6 and unders

The 6 and unders swam on Friday, July 11.  The theme for the meet this year was Disney, so the Bluegrass coaches and kids dressed as characters from the movie, Toy Story 3.  They all looked adorable!  

Colby did awesome!!  Last year at City Meet, he couldn't make it across the pool without stopping on the rope several times.  This year, he made it across with no stops and finished 6 seconds faster than he has ever done it before with a time of 48.27.  He finished 103 out of 123.  We are so proud of him and how far he has come!

Saturday, July 12: 7-10 year olds

The 7-8 year olds and the 9-10 year olds swam on Saturday.  It was a very long but fun day, and the Bluegrass kids did great.  Brody swam in the 7-8 year old boys open division.  This is an extremely competitive category with some very fast boys, and he still managed to do really well.   We are very proud of him and all the hard work he has put in this summer.  He is a great little swimmer, and we always love watching him.  

25 yd Freestyle -- 17.94 / 12th out of 47
25 yd Backstroke -- 26.52 / 27th out of 44
25 yd Butterfly -- 25.07 / 12th out of 27
100 yd IM -- 2.03:88 / 16th out of 23

Brody was on two relays, and they both did great!  Their freestyle relay even won their heat! 

100 yd Freestyle Relay -- finished 4th out of 7 teams
100 yd Medley Relay -- finished 4th out of 7 teams

Summer 2014 Swim Meets

June 12: Swim Meet vs Cages Bend

25 yd freestyle--17.77 / 2nd place
25 yd backstroke--24.80 / 1st place
100 yd IM--2:00.67 / 2nd place

25 yd freestyle--1:02.87 (A huge improvement over last summer!  Swims the whole 25 yards without stopping now!)

June 24: Swim Meet vs JCC

25 yd freestyle-- 17.28 / 1st place
25 yd breaststroke-- 33.53 / 3rd place
100 yd IM-- 2:04.32 / 1st place

25 yd freestyle-- 54.66

July 1: Swim Meet at Fairvue

25 meter freestyle--18.88 / 2nd place
25 meter butterfly-- 25.19 / 2nd place
100 meter IM-- 2:25.44 / 3rd place

25 meter freestyle-- 1:02.15
25 meter backstroke-- 2:47.47
(first time Colby ever swam a full 25 yards of backstroke by himself)

July 8: Swim Meet at Willoughby

25 yd butterfly-- 21.91 / 1st place
25 yd breaststroke-- 33.66 / 1st place
100 yd IM-- 2:10.47 / 1st place
High Point Winner

25 yd freestyle-- 53.59
25 yd backstroke-- 2:21.20