Sunday, November 28, 2010

New Big Boy Rooms

While at the beach in October, Colby slept in a big bed. He did great and loved every minute of it. so instead of putting him back into his crib when we got home, we decided to go ahead and make this big transition. I have to admit this was pretty tough for me. As I watched Jason take the crib completely apart to convert it, I cried! All I could think was that our last baby is now out of his crib. This was the last "baby" thing in our house, and it is now gone. No more babies! Over the course of two weeks, Colby moved to a big boy bed, started using more and more words, had his first dentist appointment, and then gave up his pacis without a fuss. This was a lot for me to take in and get adjusted to!

We always planned to put Brody back into his old room once we converted the crib to a big bed. So, this meant a lot of unexpected work for Jason! Fortunately, my mom and dad were nice enough to help. They took apart Brody's bunk bed and moved into the other room after taking apart the crib and getting it out of the way. Of course, we couldn't move Brody into a room that was painted baby colors, so a new coat of paint was needed. My dad knocked that out in one day so Brody only had to miss one nap in his bed. Thanks Gacky!!!

After the beds were moved and the paint was done, the rooms were almost complete...all but the valance in Brody's room. It had to be replaced, because it was made specifically for the nursery bedding. We really did not want to spend too much on replacing it, since Christmas is so close. So, after a few weeks of looking at different options, my creative and incredibly talented husband went to work and made the valance! It looks awesome! Jason amazes me daily with all of his many hidden talents!

Both boys are very happy in their new big boy rooms!

No more is now a full size bed!
Colby was so excited he couldn't even wait for them to put the mattress on. He was already getting it ready for his nap.
Brody supervising Gacky and Poogie as they install Colby's safety rails...Brody is always a great helper!
The boys trying out Colby's new "big boy" bed. We didn't even have bedding yet!

Now it is a big boy room with bedding and all! It is decorated with trains and tractors...2 of Colby's favorite things.

Brody's bunk bed fits so much better in this bedroom, and he loves his brown walls!

Check out that valance! I still can't believe Jason made it!

Our Holiday Weekend

I LOVE long weekends with no school for Brody and no work for Jason! We always have so much fun spending time together! Getting back to our regular routines today was definitely tough.

On Wednesday, Jason got all of our Christmas boxes out of the attic and put up the tree. Brody did a great job helping me decorate it while Jason was at work. He was so surprised when he got home that afternoon.

On Friday night, we went to dinner with the Schimmels and watched the tree lighting at the Streets of Indian Lake. It was very cold, so we didn't stay long. I'm glad we were there long enough to get this cute picture of Remi and the boys, though.

On Saturday night, we took the boys to their first Hockey Game. We had a great time, but I unfortunately didn't get great pictures. I forgot my camera, so I had to resort to my cell phone.

On Sunday, we hung the stockings and finished putting out the rest of the decorations, and Jason got the lights up outside. The boys loved waking up after nap and seeing it all finished!

Thanksgiving Day 2010

Thanksgiving Day could not have been more perfect! We started by going over to Jeremy and Tammy's house for breakfast and to play with Emilee and Kylee. We then went over to Granny Shug's house for an outstanding lunch and a great time visiting with my side of the family. Our day ended with Jeremy and Tammy and the girls coming over for an unexpected visit...the power unfortunately went out at their house. Brody and Colby had a blast playing with their cousins all day long, and I absolutely love seeing them have so much fun together. I hope that they are close friends for life!

Granny Shug putting her amazing cornbread muffins in the oven

Brody and Darbye...both 4 going on fourteen!

Me and my sister

Jeanine and her 2 girls, Harper and Darbye
Colby's new favorite drink...Diet Coke

Colby had to check out the toy sales with Jason

Colby loves his Gacky!

One crazy group!

Kylee, Emilee, and the boys
We had such a great Thanksgiving, and we have so much to be thankful for! I don't even know where to begin with listing all of the things that we are thankful for, not only on Thanksgiving but every single day of the year. We have been blessed beyond belief, and I am so thankful to God for everything in our lives...the good and the bad. It may sound funny to be thankful for bad things, but since Colby's diagnosis and over the last 2 years, I know without a doubt in my mind that everything happens for a reason and is part of God's awesome plan for our lives!

Thanksgiving at Nenny and Pa's House

Last Saturday, we celebrated Thanksgiving with Jason's extended family at Nenny and Pa's house. We always look forward to seeing everyone at this Thanksgiving get together. I think there were around 50 or more people! The boys had a great time playing outside with the kids, and Jason and I had a great time visiting with the grown ups.

Sunday, November 7, 2010

The End of a Great Soccer Season

Brody's second soccer season ended last Monday night, November 1st. Since Colby had strep throat, he and I couldn't go cheer Brody on, but Jason told us he played great and had lots of fun! I think he scored 5 or 6 goals...go Brody!! He is already signed up and ready to play again next season. Brody really loves soccer, and we love watching him play.

The Wednesday night before this last game, the coach held a pizza party at Mr. Gattis and gave the kids their trophies. Brody is very proud of his trophy. It is already up on a shelf in his room next to his trophy from last season.

Brody's coach saying some very nice things about him

Giving the coach five for a great season

My 3 super stars!

Really?!?!? He is definitely a mini-Jason!

Friday, November 5, 2010

Halloween Fun 2010

Fall Festival and Pumpkin Patch

There is a church up the street from our house that has a great pumpkin patch every year. It is where we have gotten our pumpkins for the last four or five years. Our neighbors, the Donaldsons, attend church there and invited us to the church's Fall Festival this year. So, we decided to pick out our pumpkins while enjoying the fun of the Fall Festival. I love this time of year!

Lucy and Colby

Colby trying to knock over the bottles with the ball

Brody showing him how it is done

Enjoying a snow cone

My Gym Halloween Party
My Gym held a Halloween Costume party this year on Monday, the 25th. The boys got to wear their costumes for the first time and play at My Gym for an entire hour. They were both in heaven!!

The UPS Man and his package

Brody's Class Halloween Party
Brody's class had a Halloween Pizza Party on Friday, the 29th. I am so happy that Colby and I were able to join him. It is always fun to watch Brody interact with the friends in his class.

Brody was so happy! Pizza, popcorn, and cupcakes...who wouldn't be?

Colby thought he was just one of the big kids

Colby loves his big brother

Brody and Ms. Marianne

Carving/Painting Our Pumpkins
We had so much fun working on our pumpkins this year. Jason always does a great job with the carving, and the boys showed their artistic skill this year too by painting a pumpkin. Brody did great and got most of his paint on the pumpkin. Colby, on the other hand, had just as much paint on him and his clothes as he did on the pumpkin. Oh well...they had fun, and the pumpkins all looked awesome!

So excited about carving the pumpkins

Ready to get started

Halloween Night
Halloween was so much fun this year! We started the night eating chili and hot dogs at our house with a few neighbors, my parents, and Jason's brother and his family. All of the kids looked so great in their costumes, and they were all super excited about going trick or treating, even Colby. I wasn't sure how Colby would do with trick or treating for two reasons...1)he is still pretty young and 2) he had been running a fever all day. Like the trooper he is, though, he was not going to miss out on trick or treating and getting candy. He was so funny walking with the big kids. Every time someone picked him up, he would say "Walk!" and demand to be put down. He even knew exactly what to do thanks to Brody's guidance. He walked straight up to the door, said "chick cheat," and then said "dank da" when they put candy in his bag. I could have watched Brody and Colby trick or treat together all night!

The UPS man and his not so happy package

Kylee, Emilee, and Brody

Emma and Brody

Colby was much happier once the box came off

The first "chick cheat" house

One of our neighbors helped the kids make S'mores

Colby was definitely "Ready 2 Roll"

Emilee, Colby, Brody, and Kylee

Gacky and Colby

Brody checking out all of his candy...and there was a lot!

Brody and Remi

Colby was really not feeling well by the end of the night. I took him to the doctor the next morning about his fever and found out he had strep throat! This little guy doesn't even slow down for strep throat. He is one tough boy!
Brody is one sweet big brother too! He always takes good care of Colby, especially when he is not feeling well.