Monday, January 30, 2023

Brody's last travel weekend of the season

Brody's club team played in their final games of the season in Gatlinburg, as part of a College Showcase Tournament.  The boys played really well in their second game Saturday, securing them a spot in the semi final game Sunday morning.  They played great, but they weren't able to pull out a win to move to the Championship game.

This has been another fun season with these boys, and we will miss them and the weekends away during our high school seasons.  

Tuesday, January 24, 2023

State Champs Recognition

The 2008 Boys Red team was recognized at the Hendersonville Board of Mayor and Alderman meeting tonight for their 2022 State Championship win!  After a couple months of no soccer with this team, it was fun seeing many of them back together again.  


Tuesday, January 17, 2023


When I woke up Friday morning, I found Messi surrounded by blood in his room.  It looked like a crime scene in there, and I was obviously scared to death.  His vet office was closed for cleaning, so I was forced to find a new vet to take him to.  A friend at Burn referred me to her vet office, and they thankfully got him right in!  (We are so thankful for this new vet too!!) He was diagnosed with gastroenteritis, which was basically making his stool all blood.  We got some medication, prescription food, and took him home to rest.  

He seemed ok for a couple of hours, but he then took a turn for the worse.  He laid down on his bed at around 6:30 PM and refused to get up until I physically tried to pick him up at 8 AM the next day.  He was unable to even stand up...he would just collapse back down.  I rushed him back to the vet to be checked.  Turns out, on top of the infection in his gut, he also might have a slight tear in his ACL.  They decided the best option was to keep him in the hospital over the weekend for IV fluids and monitoring.  

It was the longest weekend ever not knowing how he was feeling and not being able to see him.  The vet took great care of him, though!  When we picked him up Monday morning, he looked so much better!  He was even putting weight on his leg again.  I'm so happy he is feeling better!! That was awful seeing him so down.  

Thursday, January 12, 2023

Faith and Fitness

A friend of mine from Burn started a little Bible Study last year called Faith and Fitness  There were only about 4 of us that came regularly, and it was always a highlight of my week.  We just kicked off the 2023 Bible Study, and over 15 people came!  It is so awesome to see more of our Burn friends want to get involved, and I'm excited to see how we all grow together this year.  

Sunday, January 1, 2023

New Year's Day Cold Plunge

We decided to kick off the New Year with a cold plunge in Jill's pool, and it was COLD!!   We all made it 4 minutes, which is apparently ideal for health benefits.  I don't know much about the research, but I do know that it was a fun memory with a fun group of friends.