Monday, October 26, 2009

Honeysuckle Hill

Jason and I finally got to take the boys to a pumpkin patch on Sunday. We went to Honeysuckle Hill Farm in Springfield. The weather was perfect, and the drive there was gorgeous. It was so much fun just looking around at all of the beautiful fall colors on the trees and listening to Brody and Colby laughing in the back. These are the times and the memories that I never want to forget!

Friday, October 23, 2009

It is that time of year again...

Time for synagis shots!!! Colby received his first synagis shot on Thursday of this week. Synagis shots are supposed to help prevent high risk babies/kids from getting RSV. This requires Colby to get shots once a month from October through April, which is considered RSV season. It is a big process to get approved for these shots, and they are very expensive. Our portion of the cost is over $100 each shot! Of course, it is worth every bit of this if it can help to keep Colby from developing RSV!

Physical Therapy

On Tuesday, Colby went for his first physical therapy session. I was so nervous about meeting his therapist. I really wanted him to have someone sweet, knowledgeable, fun, and be someone he would enjoy playing with once a week. Ms. Shirley definitely meets all of these requirements! Colby loved her, and he was a happy participant for the entire hour...thank goodness!

I couldn't believe how well he did. He pulled up to standing by himself once, and he moved into the crawling position and then sat himself back up several times. Considering everything he has been through and the fact that he is only 7 weeks post op, this is truly amazing. Ms. Shirley was also very impressed with him. She thinks he will be taking off in no time! It makes me so proud and happy to see him getting stronger with each day.

I didn't get any pictures from this first session (shocking, I know), but I will try to take some during the next few sessions.

While Colby was at PT, Brody was enjoying his second day at school. He was so excited about going. When I picked him up, his teachers gave me his first little art project. They made little spiders using their fingerprints. I absolutely love it!! He is so proud of his little spiders, and so am I. I have a feeling I will be finding a system for storing all of these little art projects. I don't think I can bring myself to throw them away.

Thursday, October 15, 2009

Great Week

On Tuesday, Colby went back to see Dr. Doyle for his 6 week follow up. It is hard for me to believe that it has already been over 6 weeks since his surgery! The appointment started with an echo, and luckily, Brody was with us to entertain and keep Colby happy through the entire thing. After the echo, they checked his sats and blood pressure. His sats were 76 and blood pressure was great! Dr. Doyle then did a quick examination and said that he looks fantastic! In fact, he thinks Colby looks so good that we won't have to go back for 6 months! Jason and I were shocked when he said 6 months. We have never been that long without a scheduled appointment with the cardiologist. It is exciting but also scary...6 months is a long time!

Before we left the office, they offered Colby his flu shot. I am so glad that they did, because I couldn't get him a flu shot at the pediatrician's office until mid November! I did not think there was supposed to be a shortage of the seasonal flu vaccine this year, but apparently there is. I have been several different places, including the health department, trying to get Brody a flu shot, and everyone is out! I guess worst case is Brody will have to wait until mid November. That is definitely not ideal, but there really isn't much we can do about it unfortunately.

Yesterday, I took Colby into our pediatrician's office for another weight check. Two weeks ago, he weighed 16 lb 1 oz, and yesterday he weighed 16 lb 12 oz! Way to go Colby!! We are so happy with an 11 oz weight gain in two weeks. Now he just has to keep it up!

Tuesday, October 6, 2009

Brody's First Day of School

After speaking with Mary Beth, the nurse at the cardiologist's office, we decided to let Brody start preschool. He has been signed up since the beginning of school, but we have held him out for fear of him bringing home illnesses to Colby pre or post surgery. It has been almost 6 weeks since Colby's surgery, though, and according to our cardiologist, we should be safe to re-enter the real world. I am very excited about not being on strict house arrest anymore, but I will of course still be a nervous wreck about Colby getting sick. I know he is a little stronger now, but any illness will still be so hard on his little half of a heart. We will all be washing our hands and sanitizing everything like crazy during this cold / flu season. I know there is no way to completely protect them from getting sick, but we will try to take every precaution that we can.

I am so happy to report that Brody loved school! He was a little nervous when we first got to his classroom this morning, but as soon as his buddy Max walked in, he was ready to go. He hugged me and Colby, told us to have fun, and then walked off to play blocks with Max. I didn't know whether to cry or smile. He is just getting so big!

When I picked him up this afternoon, he was still all smiles. Ms. Lori and Ms. Angie told me he had an awesome first day, and they even complimented his manners, which makes me very proud! He is already looking forward to going back. Unfortunately, school is out Thursday and next week for Fall Break, but at least I know he is ready and excited!

Ready for his first day of school!

He loves his Spiderman backpack and Cars lunchbox!

He is getting caught up on his Alphabet Book before class starts. Luckily, he has only missed the letters A and B.

Brody and Max...double trouble!

Physical Therapy Evaluation

On Monday, Colby had his first visit to Vanderbilt's Pediatric Rehab at 100 Oaks. This appointment was for a therapist to evaluate his gross motor skills and determine what type of services he will require. The therapist that did his evaluation was so nice. In fact, everyone there was professional and nice. I am very impressed with the facility. Colby seemed to like it too. He was smiling and flirting with everyone as usual!

After doing the Peabody Assessment with Colby, the therapist determined that Colby should start PT once a week. The Peabody assesses three areas: object manipulation (ball handling), stability, and locomotion. Colby did great with object manipulation. He is right on target in this area. In the area of stability, he is at about a 9 month level, and with locomotion, he is around a 6 month level. The good news is that the therapist sees no underlying developmental is strictly a strength issue for Colby. Since he has undergone two surgeries and been uncomfortable having tummy time, he has not been able to develop the strength it requires to roll over, crawl, pull up, etc. She thinks that he will be able to increase his strength and be on the move in no time. We can't wait to see him go!

Colby's first therapy session is in two weeks, and he will then go every Tuesday from 10-10:50. I'm really looking forward to meeting his therapist, Shirley. I'm sure she will be great with him!

Colby enjoyed a quick snack while we waited on the therapist to go over his scores with us. Thank you Melissa for telling me about these little drinks...Colby and Brody both love them!

He had so much fun playing with this toy. It was great for encouraging him to work!