Tuesday, August 17, 2021

NPL and TSL Weekend for Brody

Our second weekend of soccer for the Fall Season took us to Birmingham for a NPL game on Saturday and Chattanooga for a TSL game on Sunday.  Colby was also supposed to play on Sunday afternoon in Brentwood, but unfortunately his game was canceled due to storms.  

It was another full and hot weekend of soccer travel, but I'm thankful for every minute of it!  I try to remind myself and Jason regularly that this is only for a short time, so I want to enjoy the time with these boys doing what they love while we have it!  

Friday, August 13, 2021

First NPL Showcase Weekend of the Fall Season

Brody's first NPL showcase weekend in Raleigh, NC was so much fun!  Family time, a great workout at Burn West Raleigh for me, lots of friend time, and great soccer!   

Brody's team played really well!  They won their Saturday game, but lost a tough game on Sunday.  We are so excited to see what this season holds for this team.  They are definitely off to a great start! 

My Birthday

I am so thankful for thoughtful friends and my awesome family!  Walking into Burn to see the desk decorated and a special balloon from Cynthia, and then coming home to find "41" balloons and flowers from Jason and the boys makes me so happy!  These sweet gestures made my day extra special.  #blessed

Colby's 13th Birthday!

Colby is officially a teenager! Happy 13th birthday to this funny, brave, strong, loving, and special kid.  We are so blessed to be your parents, Colby Chance!!


First Day of School

And they're off...9th grade and 7th grade.  We are praying for a healthy, safe, successful, and NORMAL school year!

Garth Brooks concert...almost

Garth Brooks was definitely a night to remember.  We never actually saw Garth Brooks due to lightning, delays, and ultimately a postponement of the concert, but it was a great night with great friends anyways.  Hopefully we can try this again when they reschedule this event!  

Growing Up

Brody opened his first bank account and got his own debit card, which he is super excited about.  Now if only he could make his own money to put into his account!  Ha!  For now, I guess we will fund the account and help him learn how to budget and manage the money.  This is one of those very important life lessons that we don't want to mess up.  

Burn Summit 2021

Burn Summit 2021 did not disappoint!  I am so thankful for the opportunity to attend and learn from the best of the best.  I'm also feeling very excited about using all that we learned to continue making Burn Hendersonville the BEST gym and community around!  Let's GO!


It's Our Anniversary

Happy Anniversary to us!  I have no idea how 19 years have passed since we said "I do," but I do know that I would say it again today and every day for the rest of our lives.  Through the good, the bad, and the ugly, I know you're by my side. Thanks for always having my back (literally tonight when the zipper in the back of my dress broke in the restaurant...yikes!). There's never a dull moment with us!  Ha!! 

I love you more than you know!!


Frenectomy for Brody

When Brody got his braces on, the orthodontist referred us to a Periodontist for a frenectomy procedure.  He actually needed 2...one under his tongue and one under his upper lip.  He was scared to death, but he made it through and did very well!  This wasn't something we expected or that he wanted, but we are thankful to have it behind us.  

Nashville Soccer Club Game

We had so much fun at the game Saturday night!  Good friends, good food at Edley's, good game, and a GREAT Win!  We love NSC!!

River Tubing Fun

Our first time River Tubing, and we kind of loved it!  It was an awesome day of relaxing with some of our favorite people!