Tuesday, October 26, 2021

Brody in Action

One of Brody's teammates' moms takes amazing pics of the boys during games, and I am so thankful!  I love when talented people share their gifts!  Thank you Denise!!


Fall Dances

Brody's first MHMS Fall Ball was lots of fun with his buddies.  Unfortunately, I got no pictures.  The only one I have is a selfie that one of his friends took at dinner.  Teenage boys...ha!  

The next night, he went to SCHS Homecoming Dance with Ella.  After the dance, they met up with friends at a Haunted House.  I love seeing him make plans and have fun, but it is a little hard to let go sometimes.  He is growing up faster than I want him to!

Fall Lake Days

We have loved being on the lake and getting to take the boat out for quick impromptu rides in the afternoons, even on a Fall day.  This is some of the best family time we have together, and I cherish every minute!  

Colby's 13th Birthday Trip to New York

For the boys' 13th birthdays, Jason wanted to do something extra special for them.  He decided on a trip to anywhere in the US they wanted to go...just him and the birthday boy.  

Brody chose New York for his big trip two years ago, and Colby decided on New York for his big trip as well! Of course, Colby planned his whole trip around getting to see a Nashville Soccer Club game!  He also got to go to a Yankees game while they were there!  Between the sporting events and sightseeing, they found lots of great food to eat!  Colby fell in love with NY pizza. I honestly think the eating was one of Colby's favorite parts of this trip, which just makes me smile a little.  All of the years we spent praying for him to eat as a baby (and he wouldn't), and now look at him!   God always answers our prayers...in His timing!

I LOVE that Jason and Colby had this time together.  It was a great father son trip, and one that I don't think either of them will forget.  These boys are truly blessed with one amazing dad!