Wednesday, July 12, 2017

US Soccer Game

The US Soccer team played a Gold Cup match in Nashville on July 8, and these boys were so happy when Jason surprised them with tickets at the last minute.  

4th of July

On July 3, we went over to watch the Hendersonville fireworks with lots of friends from church.  

On July 4, we went over to Jeremy and Tammy's house for dinner and fireworks fun.  Brody and Colby loved shooting some things off with Jason and Jeremy.  Me, Tammy, and the girls loved watching...from a distance.  Ha!


I have always loved fitness, and I have a passion for sharing that love of fitness with others.  Over the last several months at Burn, that passion has gotten even stronger.  I have always thought about getting my personal trainer certification, but something always stopped me...the timing wasn't right, I felt bad devoting time to something other than my family and home, I was just plain scared.  

With encouragement from Jason, my boys, and some of my Burn family, I finally took the leap and went for it.  I got my study materials at the beginning of May, and I devoted as much time possible each day to studying.  Some days, I found a couple hours, but some days, I couldn't find any time to study.  I just did the best I could with what time I had.  

I decided to schedule my test for the day before our vacation.  I knew I didn't want to worry about studying while enjoying my family and friends on vacation, and I didn't want to miss out on a whole week of studying.  I drove to the testing center in Murfreesboro on June 23 and got it done!!  I cannot tell you how awesome it felt to pass that test and know that I was now a CPT.  

I am so thankful for Jason and my boys' support and encouragement.  I would have never gone for it without them cheering me on.  I hope I make them proud!  

Coerver Soccer Camp

Brody attended a soccer camp with Coerver Coaching the week of June 19-23.  This is the first soccer camp he has done away from his home club, and he absolutely loved it!  I'm glad he was able to do it with his best buddy, Carter, and Carter's friend, Miller.  I think all three boys had a great week and received lots of instruction and skills practice.  

Father's Day

Happy Father's Day to an amazing dad! These boys are so blessed to have you, and we are extremely thankful for all that you do!  We love you!!!