Friday, November 16, 2018

Memphis Soccer Tournament

It was an extremely cold weekend of soccer in Memphis!!  Neither of the boys' teams came out on top, but both teams played incredibly well!!  It is so much fun to see the progression from the beginning of the season to the end.  Colby's team has come leaps and bounds, and Brody's team definitely looked the best I've seen them.  Both of our number 9's gave it 110% in every game, which makes us very proud!  One of the life lessons that I hope they learn while playing sports is that giving it your all every single time you step on that field is the only way to play!!  My dad (aka Gacky) has always taught me..."If something is worth doing, then it is worth doing right!"  Never attack anything halfway!

Thanksgiving Lunch at School

Another school Thanksgiving Lunch is in the books!  I'm thankful Jason was in town and able to join us this year!!  I'm also thankful that our Middle Schooler obliged us with a picture, even if he really didn't want to!  

Colby's 4-H Poster

All of the 4th graders are required to create a poster for 4-H, and Colby's poster won first place in his classroom!  I have to admit that when Colby told me his idea for a slogan, I was a little nervous.  "Get Lit" can mean a few different things. Ha!!  Lucky for him, the 4-H representative loved it!  So..."Get Lit with 4-H!"  

Colby at the Predators Game

Colby was asked to be an Ambassador for Vanderbilt Children's Hospital several months ago.  We of course agreed, because after all, he loves Vanderbilt and tells everyone that it is "his" hospital.  He's been asked to appear a few times, but because of schedules, he was unable to do it.  Lucky for him, the first event he was available for was a BIG one!!  He got to go to a Predators game on Hockey Fights Cancer night!!  

Colby was presented with a personalized Predators Jersey, met the referees and got a tour of their locker room, rode the Zamboni before the game, was on the ice for the National Anthem, had some fun in the suite with Champ, and got to meet several of the players and coach!!  This was a night he will not forget!!! 


I love our Halloween tradition of trick or treating with the Johnson family!  We always have such a great time with these sweet friends, and once again, these kids collected way more candy than they will ever eat. It's a good thing Burn partners with Operation Gratitude to collect candy for our troops, veterans, and first responders!  It will all go to a great cause!