Wednesday, May 27, 2020

Memorial Day Weekend

We had a great Memorial Day Weekend on the lake!  I love spending time with these crazy boys of mine!!

Last Day of School

We didn't get a typical last day of school picture, but we didn't really have a typical end to the school year either.  We are so proud of these boys for adapting and overcoming during quarantine to finish up 5th and 7th grades strong from home.  I cannot believe we will have two middle schoolers in the Fall!  On to 6th and 8th grade!!

Wednesday, May 20, 2020

Quarantine Activities March 15- May 15

It is hard to believe that we have been in quarantine for 2 months school, no sports, no church, no activities outside our house.  Words cannot really describe all the emotions we've been through over the last two months.  I can say that some days are good, and some days are just plain hard.  We've all learned to cope in our own ways, and I'm thankful that we've all learned to show each other grace...lots and lots of grace.

As I type this, we are slowly starting to reinsert ourselves into the world.  I have gone back to Burn to work for one camp time each day.  We are only open at limited capacity and have lots of cleaning and extra precautions to follow, but I'm thankful for at least a small piece of normal.  Being able to work out there surrounded by friends I've missed so much has been so good for my spirits!  Jason is not able to travel for work just yet, but he stays busy here at home with lots and lots of video and phone calls.

Other than to buy groceries and essentials, we don't venture out much. Jason and I did go out for one dinner date recently, and that was very nice.  It is strange seeing servers in masks and gloves and restaurants at half capacity, but I guess that is our new normal for a little while.  As far as the boys are concerned, they still haven't gotten out much, except for a couple of parades...where everyone kept their distance.  We are so thankful for FaceTime and Zoom during this time, because without it, I worry our boys would have lost touch with everyone.  We haven't even seen our family, which is really hard.  Jason and I miss our parents and siblings, and the boys definitely miss their time with grandparents and cousins!

I wish I could say that there was an end to this madness in sight, but unfortunately, no one knows when life will resume as normal.  Summer camps have all been canceled or postponed in hopes that they can happen late summer.  Schools are in question right now...will the kids be able to return in the Fall?  Honestly, our boys just want to know when sleepovers and soccer can resume.  They miss their friends so much!!!!

I wish I had taken more pictures over the last 2 months, but I'm thankful for the ones I do have.  They will serve as a reminder of the things we did to keep ourselves occupied and happy.  We have had so many happy moments together during this time!  The uninterrupted family time has been something I will always cherish!!  Our boys have grown even closer and have a very special friendship, and our family unit has grown so much stronger.  I am definitely thankful for this blessing!

Boys have played lots of soccer and done some workouts...

The boys have done a great job at adjusting to distance learning for school. It was a little tough in the beginning, but they continued to show up each day ready to tackle the things their teachers assigned.  I think all of our favorite assignments was Colby's fractions lesson...he had to bake cookies, and they were delicious!

We have all enjoyed our extra play time and cuddle time with Messi!

Birthday parade, teacher parade, and a parade for one of the strongest women we know, Marina!

We received several treats delivered to our front porch, and we loved delivering treats to others!  I think this will be one of our favorite memories from quarantine.  The boys thought it was like Mission have to drop it off, ring the doorbell, and not get caught!

We like challenges, so we found ourselves doing several!  Jason even did some crazy fitness challenges with me.  I wish I still had those videos!

We had a strange visitor (or visitors) that hung out with us for a few days, which was only slightly creepy.  Ha!

Brody has been taking some really cool pictures.  Love that he has had this time to enjoy this passion.

He even took a couple of family pictures for us...

Jason and the boys gave me the best Mother's Day ever, even in quarantine!

We've had lots of quality time just hanging out in two of our favorite places...the patio and the lake!

Getting back to Burn has been so great!

Our first date night in a long time, and I am praying we can start to have more of these in the weeks and months to come!