Monday, May 22, 2017

Clarksville Soccer Tournament

Colby wrapped up his Spring Soccer Season with a tournament in Clarksville on May 21-22.  His team played really well and had a lot of fun.  Another TN United team was short some players, so Colby and Bennett got to guest play on their team as well.  This meant Colby played 6 games total!!  It was a long and hot weekend, but I wouldn't trade it for anything.  I love watching Colby play this game that he loves so much!

Guitar Recital

Brody started taking guitar lessons in January, and on Friday, May 19th, he performed in his first little small recital.  He played "Down by the Salley Gardens" and did an awesome job! We are so proud of him and his commitment to learning the guitar.  

Tuesday, May 16, 2017

Mother's Day Weekend

I am one blessed woman to have these two boys as my children.  They are sweet, smart, caring, strong willed, argumentative at times, messy, smelly, and sometimes aggravating, but above all, they are loving!  I couldn't be more proud of the little men they are becoming.  I pray daily that I don't mess them up with my flaws and weaknesses.  I want them to live their lives to the fullest...not bogged down by worries or preconceived notions about themselves or others.  I want them to be a light in this dark world and always reflect God's love to everyone they meet.  I want them to be happy and make others around them happy too.  These little guys have stolen my heart forever, and I pray they always know, without a doubt, that I love them BIG!!  Thank you God for blessing me with these two precious gifts!

Junior Docents at the Hermitage

On Friday, May 12, the 4th graders took a field trip to the Hermitage and served as Junior Docents.  They all looked adorable in their period costumes!  Brody's station was Alfred's grave, and he did an excellent job telling all of the visitors about Alfred and his time at the Hermitage.  

Tuesday, May 9, 2017

Field Day

Field Day was on Monday, May 8th, and it was a beautiful day for the kids to be outside.  I love seeing these kids have so much fun together.  We are blessed that our boys are surrounded by so many great friends.