Wednesday, January 12, 2022

NPL Weekend in Atlanta

Brody and the 06 boys had their final regular season NPL games in Atlanta January 8-9, and I was lucky enough to get to take him.  I just love these boys and their parents!  It's always a good time when we travel!


Snow Days

The first snow days of 2022 were so much fun!!


Wednesday, January 5, 2022

New Year's Day

We spent our New Year's Day relaxing at home together, and I wouldn't have wanted it any other way!  Great way to start 2022!!!

New Year's Eve

We spent New Year's Eve with the Morris and Evans Family at the Morris's house.  It was such a great night!  It's always fun ringing in the new year with great friends!

Christmas Day

Christmas Day was absolutely perfect!  We had a fun morning opening presents at home, enjoyed some delicious home made Monkey Bread (thanks Jason!), had lunch at Poogie and Gacky's house, and then had dinner at Jeremy and Tammy's house with Poppy.  Another awesome Christmas filled with lots of wonderful memories!  

Christmas Eve

Christmas Eve at our house was another success.  We had an amazing dinner thanks to Jason, a great time visiting with family, and the boys loved getting to open their first presents.  

Christmas at Aunt Pat's House

We are so thankful that we were able to celebrate Christmas at Aunt Pat's house this year!!  We even changed things up by wearing ugly Christmas sweaters and playing Dirty Santa.  Good food, great company, and awesome memories!! 

College Showcase in Raleigh for Brody

I missed watching Brody and his team play in the College Showcase in Raleigh, but I'm thankful for Jason and a couple other parents sharing pics and videos with me.  They had a great weekend on and off the field!


Indoor Tournament for Colby

First indoor tournament of the year, and they took home some medals!!  Well done 08 boys!


Colby's first middle school dance

Colby's first Middle School thankful they got to do this and that he had so much fun!  

Colby's Final Tournament for the Fall Season

We had a busy weekend full of soccer!  Brody and Jason were in Georgia for NPL games, and Colby and I were in Chattanooga for his final tournament this season.  I loved having this time with Colby...when he wasn't hanging out with the boys.  They may have come up short in the end (Championship game ended in a tie and went to PKs),  but these boys made us all so proud!