Wednesday, March 16, 2022

Brody's Washington DC Trip...finally

The 8th graders go to DC every year.  Unfortunately, the school wasn't able to travel last year due to Covid.  It was so sad seeing them miss out on this fun and memorable trip, so we were very thankful when the school invited the current 9th graders to go with the 8th graders this year.  

They were only gone a week, but it felt like a lifetime.  Jason and I are so happy that Brody texted us daily and even sent us some pictures.  I love seeing him having fun and appreciating the history of it all.  I know he made memories that will last a lifetime!  


5th Annual Burnin' for Bucks

So much to be celebrate after our 5th Annual Burnin' for Bucks at Burn Boot Camp Hendersonville! I!

This gym.  These people.  This event.  I feel so incredibly blessed and thankful!

We had 53 teams competing and giving it their all in honor of Colby and other kids with CHDs.  We raised $10,001 for CHD research at Monroe Carell Jr. Children's Hospital at Vanderbilt.  We had an absolute blast!

To top it off, one of my first and best heart mom friends, Catherine (Cain's mom), joined in on the fun this year, and she did awesome!  I love that she could be a part of this event and see all the love and support Burn Hendersonville gives CHD Research!

Seeing this event evolve and grow over the last 5 years has been amazing!  A big thank you to Jeremiah for taking this competition to a level I never dreamed possible.  I'm so thankful to have him as my partner in crime, my coach, my mentor, and my friend!  I can't imagine going through all the craziness with anyone else.  I'm also thankful for Christine, who works hard securing raffle items and decorating the gym for the big day.  

I'm already looking forward to next year!  Burn Hendersonville is a special place with a lot of very special people!  The love they show this cause each year makes me emotional every time I think about it! I'm just so thankful!!


Colby's Liver Check-up

Congenital Heart Defects come with many other issues that develop over time due to the way the heart has to function. One of these issues is liver function.

Colby's liver has already shown some minor damage.  Because of this, he follows up with his Gastroenterology Specialist every six months and has an ultrasound and blood work done last least once a year.  

As with all other CHD issues, we don't know what the future holds for his liver or the impact his hearts blood flow will have on it. That's the scary part of CHDs...the unknowns.  We will just continue to pray for solutions and continue taking one day at a time.  Every day is a gift and we thank God for His many blessings!

Another Referee in the House

Colby completed his online course and in person training, and he is now an official referee!!  He can't wait to ref his first game.  If there's anyone that knows the game of soccer inside and out, it's this guy!  

MHMS Snow Ball 2022

Snow Ball 2022!  They may be goofy, but they're cute! Love  these boys! 

Happy Birthday Jason!

Happy Birthday Jason!  We love you BIG, and we hope that this 45th year is one of your best!