Wednesday, December 16, 2009

Gingerbread Houses

On Monday, my friend Sarah came over with her two little ones, Cason and Linden. Cason and Brody are close to the same age and great friends! We thought it would be fun to let the boys decorate gingerbread houses for Christmas, but neither of us have ever done this. It was definitely a learning experience...that icing (or should I say glue) is something else! In the end, I think both houses turned out great, though, and Brody is so proud of his creation! I am hoping we have started a new tradition.

Brody and Cason patiently waiting for the moms to figure out the icing, and Colby just enjoying the Mini M&Ms that are supposed to go on the house.

Brody hard at work

Brody's Gingerbread House

Tuesday, December 15, 2009

Brunch with Santa

On Sunday, we went to Brunch with Santa at Bluegrass. This was so much fun for Brody last year, and this year, both boys got to enjoy it!

Brody absolutely loves sitting with Santa! I think he probably would have sat there for hours. As soon as Santa picked him up, he started talking and he didn't stop! He wanted to be sure he remembered to tell him everything on his list this time...he had forgotten to mention the CD player he wants the first two times he saw Santa.

Colby sat with Santa for a few seconds, but then he quickly reached out for Jason!

Brody was so happy to get Santa's business card! He was also excited about his cheesy eggs and waffles!

Brody did a great job decorating his Christmas cookie.

Our little musician

Flight 1225

Jason's mom, Nana, works for Continental Airlines. On Saturday afternoon, they held a Christmas party for the employees' kids and grand kids. Santa Claus even flew in for the party on a Continental Plane. It was flight # 1225. The boys had a lot of fun being at the airport and seeing Santa again. Thanks Nana!

Brody and Colby watching and waiting for Santa's plane to arrive.

He made it!

Brody giving Santa five
Colby acted like he wanted to sit with Santa, but...

he quickly changed his mind.

Santa brought early Christmas presents for all of the kids! Colby got a dinosaur, which he growls at every time he sees it!

Brody was so excited about sitting with Santa again that he was speechless.

Santa brought Brody a video game. He loves it!

Friday, December 11, 2009

CHD Christmas Party at Vanderbilt Children's Hospital

We went to the CHD (congenital heart defects) Christmas Party at Vanderbilt last night. It is always nice to spend some time with other kids and families with congenital heart defects. Jason and I always love to see the older kids running around and having fun...just being kids!

After some chicken nuggets and a little socializing, it was finally time to see Santa Claus. Brody was so excited! He had so much fun sitting in Santa's lap and telling him everything he wanted for Christmas. Colby, on the other hand, was not too fond of Santa. He gave us that big pouty face every time we tried to sit him in Santa's lap. Maybe next time we see Santa he will be ready!

Brody was so happy to be sitting with Santa!

"...and I want Art stuff and a big nerf gun and..."

Colby's famous pouty face and Brody saying, "It's okay Colby, it's Santa Claus."

Catherine and Cain
(Clinkscales Family)

Cain checking out Santa

Colby and Cain with Santa

Tuesday, December 8, 2009

Hendersonville Christmas Parade

Sunday was the annual Hendersonville Christmas Parade, which is the official start to all of our Christmas activities. We have a tradition of watching the parade each year with the Rowell Family, and this year the Smiths joined us too. Brody and Colby had so much fun! They both LOVED hearing the marching bands, seeing all of the different floats, eating candy, and seeing Santa Claus for the first time this year. Brody is already asking if we can go to the parade next year!

Classic Colby...making us laugh!

Seeing Santa for the first time this year...Brody was so excited!

Watching Santa