Tuesday, November 10, 2009

The Nashville Zoo

Last Friday, the weather was beautiful, so I decided to take the boys to the zoo. Brody has not been to the zoo in probably a year and a half, and Colby has never been. I have really been wanting to take them both, and I am glad I did. We had so much fun!! The only thing that would have made the day more perfect is if Jason had been with us. Brody said, "maybe next time daddy can come."

Colby seemed to love any animal he could actually see, but I think his favorites were the fish and turtles swimming around in the aquariums inside. He was so funny...he would just point and smile. Brody, on the other hand, spent the morning begging to see the elephants. He wanted to see them march like they do on Jungle Book. He was a little disappointed when we finally got to the elephants and they were just standing around doing nothing. Oh well, he quickly spotted the giraffes and decided he liked those better. We finished up the morning with a ride on the carousel. Both boys loved this! I tried to get some good pictures, but it is not easy to take pictures while trying to keep two boys safe on a moving carousel.

I am hoping that Jason and I can take the boys back to the zoo soon before the weather gets too cold. Brody has already been asking to go back to "that zoo place" and "look for the dinosaurs this time." Hmmmm, I think he is going to be a little disappointed to know that there will be no dinosaurs! Maybe I should plan a trip to the science museum instead.


Kim T. said...

HEY I'd love to hook up and meet you at the zoo one day! My kids love it too!~ We got quite a bit!

Lorie said...

There's a dinosaur place up near Cave City, KY where they have life size dinosaurs. I think there's a coupon in the Entertainment Book, too.