Monday, November 7, 2011

Tom Turkey

Brody's Kindergarten teachers, Ms. Jennifer and Ms. Becky, sent home a project last week for the whole family to work on together. Our instructions were to disguise Tom Turkey as creatively as possible to keep him from being eaten as Thanksgiving dinner. The only guideline was to be sure that his eyes still showed. After discussing several different ideas, Jason convinced us that a Christmas wreath was the best way to disguise him. I think he was right!

We had so much fun working on this together as a family, and Brody did a great job disguising Tom Turkey. I think he will be safe this Thanksgiving!!

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Katie said...

Cute posts- your boys are getting so big! Cade, our kindergartner, has the same project of disguising a turkey too- how funny! Looks like you all are doing awesome, so great to see!