Tuesday, July 24, 2018

Pacemaker Time

On Wednesday, June 13th, Colby had his pacemaker implanted.  It was no surprise to us that he was making all the nurses and doctors laugh in the pre-op area.  His strength and courage just amaze me! 

After a one night stay, we headed home...with big balloons and gifts in hand.  We are so very thankful for all of the love shown to Colby.  We received so many messages, calls, visits, and gifts, and we truly appreciate each and every one of them!!!  We especially appreciate all of the prayers, because we know that is what got us through!

After getting Colby home and settled from the hospital,  I was able to pick up Brody.  Thank you to Kimberly Delaney for bringing him back from Maryville while we were waiting to be discharged.  It was the BEST night ever having both babies home safe and sound together.

June 20 - Colby had a bad skin reaction to the dermabond they used over his incision. They removed the dermabond Monday, but then he broke out in a rash all over his body. So, we had to go back today. Thankful that the incision looks a little better with no sign of infection. No idea what caused the rash, but we are praying that it clears up quickly and doesn’t cause any issues with his recovery. 
In true Colby fashion, he hasn’t complained at all, even though I know it has to itch like crazy!! I think he was just thankful to get a Subway sandwich and icee in the hospital food court today. It’s the little things! 

June 26 - First device check post implant...looking good!! I am amazed by this pacemaker and the technology involved. 
Incision is also looking good! Thank goodness we are moving past the skin reaction and rash now. 
A couple more weeks of restrictions, and then this guy will be back in action!! He is eagerly awaiting that day! 

July 11 - We are all high fives around here today!!  It has been exactly 4 weeks since pacemaker implant, which means Colby is cleared to raise his right arm over his head and resume all normal activities!!  πŸ™Œ He is super excited to get back in action!!  πŸ˜ 

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