Sunday, June 18, 2023

Father's Day Weekend

We had a fun Father's Day Weekend, starting with a family workout at the Burn Cinnaholic pop-up camp Saturday morning.  My boys may not have really wanted to go, but I'm so thankful they did!  I loved starting our day working out together.  We spent the rest of Saturday hanging out on the lake together.  The boys were clearly tired from the workout.  Ha!

On Sunday, we hosted our dads for dinner.   

Happy Father's Day Jason!  Thank you for loving us, leading us, and tolerating us!  Ha Ha!  We are so thankful you are ours!!

Happy Father's Day Mike (Poppy).  You are always there when we need you and love us well.  Thank you!

Happy Father's Day Big Al (Gacky).  Jeanine and I are so blessed with one of the best!  He loves us BIG and has taught us more than he will ever know just by his actions.  We love you!

I'm so thankful for time together on this Father's Day!

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