Tuesday, February 13, 2024

Colby's 6 Month Checkups

For the first time ever, we were able to coordinate all of Colby's 6 month follow ups for the same day...cardiologist check up, gastroenterologist check up, liver ultrasound, and lab work.  It made for a long afternoon, but it was nice to get it all done with only one trip to Vanderbilt.  We also got one of the best surprises ever in cardiology!  Our favorite nurse has returned!!  We love Mary Beth!

Colby's heart is looking good!  He and Dr. Doyle even got in a little push up contest this visit.  Dr. Pai seems pleased with Colby's health as well.  We are still waiting on results from the liver ultrasound and lab work, but praying all looks good there.  

Good reports and no new issues during these 6 month follow ups are always a win!  It's not lost on us how blessed we are, and we are very grateful!

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