Wednesday, October 22, 2008

Still in the PCICU

Colby decided today that he wasn't ready to leave the intensive care unit. As many may remember back when he was in the NICU the night that he was moved to the step down unit and then decided he wasn't ready to leave his NICU nurses.... Well he kinda did the same thing again today. Earlier today several of the doctors and nurses mentioned moving Colby out of intensive care and up to the cardiology floor. We were pretty excited about his progress. It seemed as though he was progressing beyond every one's expectations. Mid day today he decided that he wasn't ready to go so he decided to slow the doctors down.
We started noticing throughout the morning that he was acting uncomfortable. As the morning progressed we noticed more signs of discomfort. He was laboring more in his breathing and wasn't resting very well. These were all signs that something wasn't right. As we continued to notice the physical signs his blood work began showing some internal signs that everything wasn't progressing as it had through the night. He was continuing to swell and his breathing continued to seem labored. He sounded very congested which caused him to be uncomfortable. By early afternoon several of his tests showed that his blood needed to be tweaked a little more. One of the readings was no longer going down rather it was going up. That specific reading shows the oxygen level along with acid levels as the blood is disbursed throughout the body. The doctors were concerned that he wasn't pumping enough blood to all areas of the body. They explained this to be typical of babies that have undergone this type of surgery. They started him back on some of the meds he was on yesterday to reduce the strain on his heart to distribute blood throughout his body. They also continued doing suction through his nose into his lungs to try and decrease the labor involved in his breathing. It is now 12:30 and they have put him back on a nasal support system, run another chest x-ray, and began some additional respiratory treatments.
He is once again resting and breathing a little more normal. This is a little bit of setback but typical for babies that have undergone a recent surgery. They had to give him another blood transfusion as well. We are still very pleased and excited about his progress. As many of the doctors have explained these revelations aren't really a negative rather they cause them to slow down his weaning process. We continue to pray for strength and comfort for little Colby. The hardest part of today was seeing him so swollen and watching him be uncomfortable. It is pretty sad to watch him cry given these circumstances because it is a really faint cry that appears to hurt. They continue to give him morphine to keep down his discomfort and allow him to rest peacefully.
Hopefully Wednesday will prove to be more positive from a progress standpoint. Becca and I have discussed several times throughout the day how he has had more x-rays, tests, and procedures than most adults we know. He continues to amaze us with his strength and determination. Many have asked how Becca and I continue to deal with the stress of the situation. Each time we think about that question we look at our sweet baby and realize that the emotional strain doesn't even compare to the physical challenges that little C has met with sheer determination. He inspires us more and more each day to realize how fragile life is. I can't imagine the emotional and physical strain that he must be experiencing yet he is still able to look into our eyes with a smile and look of unconditional love. His innocence and strength make me realize how weak I am. I never thought I could be so motivated, inspired, strengthened, and humbled by such a 10 week old baby. Colby we love you very much and cherish each and every moment that you give us.


SteveC said...

Good Morning!

I hope Colby is doing better this morning! Just wanted to let you guys know I was thinking about you!

Always a friend;

Adventures of a Funky Heart! blog

Kristy said...

We are still continuing to pray! God is with you and Colby! Keep smiling and enjoy that precious baby! He is so sweet and is such a fighter. Thinking about you guys and praying for peace.

God Bless,


Anonymous said...

Many of my friends ask me everyday for updates on Colby. So many people you don't know are praying for him.

I will be glad to help if I can.

Dawn M

Anonymous said...

HI Jason and Becca. I havent talked to you guys in forever. I keep up with you through your blog and Melissa and Clay. I just want you to know how I admire the strength that you both have proven time and time again and pray for you and your family daily. I know that God has little Colby in the palm of his hand.
Danielle Winfrey - Stewart

Wendy said...

Thinking of you guys and sweet little Colby! He's a tough little man, I am sure you'll be up on the floor before you know it. I am so glad surgery went well.


Anonymous said...

Jason and Becca,

I'm Susie Stewart, Katie Allred's mother....I've kept up with your journey through my daughter. Please know that Colby, and your entire family are in my daily prayers...This situation is "gut" wrenching and so difficult to accept. I do know, by reading your blog that you have a strong faith and trust in our Father....and that is a blessing. I also know through experience that this time will pass and you will regain a normalcy to your lives. I know in our case, Maddie has changed our lives for the better, and we wouldn't have it any other way.......Maddie's determination and strength has humbled us will Colby's.....Keep your spirits up.


Susie Stewart

The Davidson Family said...

We are so thankful that Colby's surgery was a success! God will continue to take care of you guys! We will be praying for comfort for Colby. He is so precious. He kind of looks like Easton's twin when he's swollen :)
Love, Tiffany

Anonymous said...

I'm so glad Colby has been such a trooper through everything. Our heart goes out to your whole family. We'll be sure to keep you in our prayers. Let us know if there is anything you need.

Take Care,
Monica Sartain

Anonymous said...

We are continually amazed at both the storm and how the 3 of you are weathering it. Our prayer is for strength and comfort for all of you, especially little C. all our love,
the Mackey's