Wednesday, February 17, 2010

Colby makes the BIG SCREEN

The past 24 hours have been crazy for Becca. She got an e-mail from a local news journalist yesterday asking if they could do a news story about Colby's second annual blood drive....

Child Battles Congenital Heart Defect

Family Holds Fundraiser At Hendersonville Church

POSTED: 4:56 pm CST February 17, 2010
UPDATED: 8:43 pm CST February 17, 2010

Colby Hitchcock was born in August 2008. Soon he'll be living with only half a heart.
Before Colby was born, doctors noticed something was wrong with his mother's 20-week ultrasound.
"The doctor came in with tears in her eyes and said, 'We're going to have to send you to a specialist,'" said mother Becca Hitchcock.
Colby, who is now 18 months old, had a congenital heart defect called Tricuspid Artesia. So far, he's been through two surgeries. A third one will completely bypass the right side of his heart.
Usually babies born with Colby's ailment don't live to see their first birthday. But he currently smiles, is mischievous and has lots of energy.
His parents say he will never become an Olympian, but his older brother, Brody, and doctors are expecting Colby to live long enough to comb gray hair.
"We hope that he's going to be 80 sitting on the front porch ... with a lovely bride, so we have high expectations," said Jason Hitchcock, Colby's father.
A blood drive will be held Feb. 20 at the Hendersonville Church of Christ from 9 a.m. to 2 p.m. Learn more by visiting the Hitchcock Family Web site.
At the event, the public will be able to buy baked goods and give blood to the American Red Cross. The Hitchcocks will donate the proceeds to research dedicated to finding ways to prevent this disease.
The family is planning more blood drives and bake sales to give back to the community because they say so much was done for them.

You can view the entire story on the attached link:

We still have a few times available for the blood drive. Let us know if you still want to sign up to donate.

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Catherine said...

I loved watching Colby being the star that he is! Glad that others in our community could even just for a few minutes get a glimpse of your amazing little boy. I hope the publicity brings in more donors!